Night of The Hunter – Misè-èn-Scene

The movie- Night of the Hunter (1955) directed by Charles Laughton, enthralled me with its beginning audio and visuals as the title popped on screen with the dramatic background music that gave the vibe of something thrilling about to unfold. The plot seems unknown at first as Harry Powell’s main motive is not yet revealed. This creates an element of suspense, curiosity the way Harry constantly tries to get any information out of Ben relating to the $10,000 hidden in his house. I come to realize that the character of Harry is invented in such a way that we begin to despise him and immediately title him as the villain. 

The fact that the children had to hide from Harry and the despising vibes that are pictured on their faces show us how loyal and understanding the children are of the differences between good and bad as shown in the entering scene where they’re told wolves come in sheep’s clothing. 

The element of suspense is perfectly captured in the chase sequence between john and Harry but could have been a bit more lengthened to keep the viewer engaged and in feeling of the uncertainty of whether Harry would actually capture John while he was rowing the boat.

The scene where Harry murders Willa is the perfect scene to analyse mise-en-scene. The lighting is used astoundingly to create shadows which reflect the good and the evil in both of the characters.

 night oft he hunter2.png

Here we can see how the light makes Willa stand out from the background and  makes her look bright to foretell that she is a kind, gentle and a loving woman who just wants to please her husband.

noth 5.png

With Willa’s arms around her chest and being gently tucked in her bed with white bed spread and pillows also represent purity. The light focused on her face makes her seem innocent and  forgiving.

noth 4.png

Over here we can see how the darkness and shadows start to consume Harry and immediately get the signal that he is up to no good.

Lighting: brightness, contrasts and shadows along with other cinematic elements such as sound, editing, etc play a huge role in evoking reactions out of the audience. This scene is marked as a classic as it challenges the good old belief that the good overcomes the bad, but in this sequence, the bad overshadowed the good.



Director: Kino Fukuda

DOP: Aanya Sinha

Producer: Philip Meyer

Editor: Xianyan Tang

This is our final space project which shows how paranoia is linked with our imagination of being alone and being alone in the darkness.

Although I was the DOP, Kino was the one who took shots from the glide cam because we had no room for mistakes as this was worth 50% of our total grade. It was a good learning experience and I would say we have come a long way since the first project.

We visualized every shot, camera placement, and angles before we started shooting and it.

We had a few things that didn’t go our way- for example, not having the screw for the slider, the entire house being well lit for dark scenes, etc.

The actor that we cast was patient and was brilliant at delivering what we had in our minds.

The shoot went on for 2 days and we all were satisfied with our work. Philip’s mom was a great help as she let us film in their house and also provided us with food.

Everyone pushed themselves for Erebus as its horror and horror movies are hard to master.

Post production was harder than it seems in the actual short film as we had not turned off any lighting source for the dark parts because the team had taken a lesson from The Joker’s Interrogation that we should film dark scenes in well lit set up. But in this case, we had direct sources of lighting visible in the footage and we had to change all that and make the scenes look darker and cooler-toned by playing around with color grading in DaVinci Resolve.

The presentation for our final project was nerve wrecking as 3/4 of the team members are nervous about public speaking.

Overall, it was a good way to end our 1st year as we are now a bit more comfortable with identifying our strengths and weaknesses.

me set

Fitness 360- 30 seconds and 1.3 minutes

Director: Kino Fukuda

Our first client project was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. While we were excited as a team to be working with our first clients, it gave us a strong reality check, clients are always right and we have to improvise to fit their desires.

It took us almost 7-8 weeks to finalize our script because the clients were themselves unsure about what they wanted.

Anyway, when the production day came, I was the continuity supervisor and had to oversee the continuity of the shots, actor’s make up, outfits, camera angles since we shot for 2 days.

Diana was in charge of taking care of all the equipment, charging cameras and handing out lenses to the crew during the shoot and I also helped as a messenger for the team and Diana.

As mentioned above, our client was unsure of what they wanted and also requested to add more scenes while we were following the script that they revised over and over again.gym

For the 30 second edit, I was the editor for team 1 (Kino, Kajol, me and Xianyan)  and we were told to go wild and not follow the script. Sadly, my edit is on private on youtube since we still did not get the permission to upload it publicly.

The edit consists of cutting to the beat and showing the struggle of working out alone as a beginner and then getting support from a professional.

The Trojan Gift





We pitched in ideas for campaigns in class and the one that was recommended for our team was personal hygiene/usage of deodorant. The team brainstormed about ideas that would make the concept fluffy and steer clear of clichés.

The production just took a few hours because our scenes were pretty short, simple and our actors were so cooperative and patient. We had to keep repeating the “you stink” because it required everyone to keep a straight face which made it so comical at the time of the shooting.

The post production was fairly easy as I and Philip could finish it in 2 days. We kept the colors neutral as we wanted this campaign to be more friendly and taunting at the same time.

Sinister Innocence





Sinister Innocence is based on a treatment Philip wrote for Dr. David and us being on the same team again (Philip, Kino, Xianyan, and me) we all voted to choose his treatment for our short movie since it was easy on the props and location wise.

The production was fun as we got to film Xianyan as the corpse, I got to play around with lighting in the first few shots and then just help everyone with everything.

The production took 3 days to finish and post production was interesting as we experimented with the mask, tracker, and opacity of the shots.

The film was not designed to be black and white all the while we were shooting but actually, a thought that struck us in the editing suite so that blood pops out more and it is more captivating for the audience to watch.


Joker’s Interrogation – Scene Replication

This was my first project in the Film course as I had transferred from PR, Advertising, and Media. Being new, and not knowing how to go about things, this project was a challenge. My group members (Kino, Philip, and Xianyan) were welcoming and really helpful as they kept explaining concepts patiently.

However, from the 2nd day of the shoot, we had Dubai Internation Film Festival 2016-2017 up at the same time and I was chosen as a volunteer for Different Reality which was a new VR screening station by Samsung.

Being a volunteer, and the shooting location being really really far (Philip’s house in Green Community) I couldn’t really miss on my shift, which led me to not being able to attend the shooting for the next 2 days.

For the fist day of the shoot, we had used our beloved, the screening room for the dark parts for the Joker’s interrogation where I learned to use the Tascam and the basics of shooting with Blackmagic pocket.

Since the chosen scene was the Joker’s Interrogation, we had to create a Joker, needless to say, Philip was more than ecstatic to play the part. We had a fun time figuring out how to do the proper make-up for his role and provided me with more skills to showcase in halloween inspired looks!

Capture philip

Eraserhead- Sound

The thriller revolves around a man named Henry who gets Mary X pregnant and then upon realizing Mary’s to give birth he asks her to move in with him and to raise the child together. The child is born as an alien baby who doesn’t stop crying and whose cries annoy the parents and everyone around them. Henry finds it difficult to fall asleep every night as the baby won’t just stop crying. The baby is born as an alien because of 20+ years of radiation poisoning that had modified Mary’s reproductive system. The mere assumption of the lady in the radiator, man in the planet and his head turned into erasers are all illusions Henry has made for himself to defend his miserable existence. In the end Henry kills the baby and almost kills himself as to him its the baby who is eating him up and he has died and ended up with the woman of his dreams  in heaven.



The picture of the alien baby is a still from the movie where the baby cries a lot and his voice annoys everyone around him and it makes Henry regret his life decisionsEraserhead10_zps7dd63475.jpg

The image above shows the viewer the unfolding of another mystery through the playing of suspense music in the background that makes the viewer feel like something unpredictable is about to happen.


Klute- Sound

The thriller perfectly crafted by Alan J. Pakula deals with a detective named John Klute who investigates the disappearance of his friend Tom. On the path towards finding his friend he comes along a prostitute, Bree, who knows information about Tom and eventually agrees to help him find Tom. Klute later discovers that the Bree’s life is also in danger. While protecting  Bree, she falls in love with John despite her commitment towards not getting attached to anyone. Klute eventually ends up saving them both.


The still from the scene accurately shows how music can be used to make a grand entrance or the presence of a character strongly felt. In this scene, the background music perfectly aligns its rhythm with that of her walking. The sound makes the viewer feel like an important person is walking through.


The music in this scene is perfectly chosen in such a way that it makes the viewer feel like the gentleman is awaiting the arrival of a special guest. The music and his actions perfectly coordinate to make us feel like that he is happy about his visitor.

All in all the film is a perfect combination of thrill and sound that aligns itself to suit the need of every scene. All the characters have also coordinated themselves to match the rhythm of the background music. Without the presence of these sounds, it would not have been possible for the viewer to capture the feeling of mystery in the movie.