Director: Kino Fukuda

DOP: Aanya Sinha

Producer: Philip Meyer

Editor: Xianyan Tang

This is our final space project which shows how paranoia is linked with our imagination of being alone and being alone in the darkness.

Although I was the DOP, Kino was the one who took shots from the glide cam because we had no room for mistakes as this was worth 50% of our total grade. It was a good learning experience and I would say we have come a long way since the first project.

We visualized every shot, camera placement, and angles before we started shooting and it.

We had a few things that didn’t go our way- for example, not having the screw for the slider, the entire house being well lit for dark scenes, etc.

The actor that we cast was patient and was brilliant at delivering what we had in our minds.

The shoot went on for 2 days and we all were satisfied with our work. Philip’s mom was a great help as she let us film in their house and also provided us with food.

Everyone pushed themselves for Erebus as its horror and horror movies are hard to master.

Post production was harder than it seems in the actual short film as we had not turned off any lighting source for the dark parts because the team had taken a lesson from The Joker’s Interrogation that we should film dark scenes in well lit set up. But in this case, we had direct sources of lighting visible in the footage and we had to change all that and make the scenes look darker and cooler-toned by playing around with color grading in DaVinci Resolve.

The presentation for our final project was nerve wrecking as 3/4 of the team members are nervous about public speaking.

Overall, it was a good way to end our 1st year as we are now a bit more comfortable with identifying our strengths and weaknesses.

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