Joker’s Interrogation – Scene Replication

This was my first project in the Film course as I had transferred from PR, Advertising, and Media. Being new, and not knowing how to go about things, this project was a challenge. My group members (Kino, Philip, and Xianyan) were welcoming and really helpful as they kept explaining concepts patiently.

However, from the 2nd day of the shoot, we had Dubai Internation Film Festival 2016-2017 up at the same time and I was chosen as a volunteer for Different Reality which was a new VR screening station by Samsung.

Being a volunteer, and the shooting location being really really far (Philip’s house in Green Community) I couldn’t really miss on my shift, which led me to not being able to attend the shooting for the next 2 days.

For the fist day of the shoot, we had used our beloved, the screening room for the dark parts for the Joker’s interrogation where I learned to use the Tascam and the basics of shooting with Blackmagic pocket.

Since the chosen scene was the Joker’s Interrogation, we had to create a Joker, needless to say, Philip was more than ecstatic to play the part. We had a fun time figuring out how to do the proper make-up for his role and provided me with more skills to showcase in halloween inspired looks!

Capture philip


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