Fitness 360- 30 seconds and 1.3 minutes

Director: Kino Fukuda

Our first client project was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. While we were excited as a team to be working with our first clients, it gave us a strong reality check, clients are always right and we have to improvise to fit their desires.

It took us almost 7-8 weeks to finalize our script because the clients were themselves unsure about what they wanted.

Anyway, when the production day came, I was the continuity supervisor and had to oversee the continuity of the shots, actor’s make up, outfits, camera angles since we shot for 2 days.

Diana was in charge of taking care of all the equipment, charging cameras and handing out lenses to the crew during the shoot and I also helped as a messenger for the team and Diana.

As mentioned above, our client was unsure of what they wanted and also requested to add more scenes while we were following the script that they revised over and over again.gym

For the 30 second edit, I was the editor for team 1 (Kino, Kajol, me and Xianyan)  and we were told to go wild and not follow the script. Sadly, my edit is on private on youtube since we still did not get the permission to upload it publicly.

The edit consists of cutting to the beat and showing the struggle of working out alone as a beginner and then getting support from a professional.


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