Wadjda- Film Analysis

Wadjda is about a girl who’s rebellious by nature and wants to live her life to the fullest. Being a girl in a conservative society, living freely is a dream no one dares to dream of.

In my opinion, Wadjda, the film somehow encourages the audience to follow their hearts and to stay loyal to their ambitions. Yet, it conflicts with how the society wants everyone to conform.

It also portrays the major disadvantage of inequality in men and women as men are free to do anything they wish to and women have to think about taking a step countless times.

This movie, which is also directed by a woman, Haifaa al-Mansour, takes an initiative towards making  all the women living in a conservative or men driven society realize that the only opinion that matters is their own.

The film ‘Wadjda’ wrestles between realism and fantasy at the same time by showing us the culture Wadjda really comes from and by hoping for the society to change and  accept women as they do men.





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