Timbuktu- Editing

Abderrahmane Sissako did an amazing job directing Timbuktu (2014) and making the world see the harsh and unfair reality of some localities. This movie is shot beautifully despite the tragic events which took place.

In light of editing of this movie, it brings all of the tragically broken pieces together to make a heartbreaking movie. Clashing beliefs of people living in Timbuktu made it hard for the inferiors to please themselves and live their own way.


Football being banned and many future dreams crushed, these boys pretend to play football with no ball. The boys are seen kicking, chasing and tumbling over thin air. This being a wide shot captures all of the actions and makes us feel the emotions that rush through the boys veins

The shots keep switching and show us all of the stories that string together and make this a movie that emotionally connects the dots of a melancholic mother lode of heartbreaks.


The color grading brings the scenery to life by creating contrasts, depth and shadows the deceased view beautifully as it contradicts the events that took place at the time.

The shot is wide which also depicts that all of their sins are out in the open for everyone to judge them.



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