Klute- Sound

The thriller perfectly crafted by Alan J. Pakula deals with a detective named John Klute who investigates the disappearance of his friend Tom. On the path towards finding his friend he comes along a prostitute, Bree, who knows information about Tom and eventually agrees to help him find Tom. Klute later discovers that the Bree’s life is also in danger. While protecting  Bree, she falls in love with John despite her commitment towards not getting attached to anyone. Klute eventually ends up saving them both.


The still from the scene accurately shows how music can be used to make a grand entrance or the presence of a character strongly felt. In this scene, the background music perfectly aligns its rhythm with that of her walking. The sound makes the viewer feel like an important person is walking through.


The music in this scene is perfectly chosen in such a way that it makes the viewer feel like the gentleman is awaiting the arrival of a special guest. The music and his actions perfectly coordinate to make us feel like that he is happy about his visitor.

All in all the film is a perfect combination of thrill and sound that aligns itself to suit the need of every scene. All the characters have also coordinated themselves to match the rhythm of the background music. Without the presence of these sounds, it would not have been possible for the viewer to capture the feeling of mystery in the movie.


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