Eraserhead- Sound

The thriller revolves around a man named Henry who gets Mary X pregnant and then upon realizing Mary’s to give birth he asks her to move in with him and to raise the child together. The child is born as an alien baby who doesn’t stop crying and whose cries annoy the parents and everyone around them. Henry finds it difficult to fall asleep every night as the baby won’t just stop crying. The baby is born as an alien because of 20+ years of radiation poisoning that had modified Mary’s reproductive system. The mere assumption of the lady in the radiator, man in the planet and his head turned into erasers are all illusions Henry has made for himself to defend his miserable existence. In the end Henry kills the baby and almost kills himself as to him its the baby who is eating him up and he has died and ended up with the woman of his dreams  in heaven.



The picture of the alien baby is a still from the movie where the baby cries a lot and his voice annoys everyone around him and it makes Henry regret his life decisionsEraserhead10_zps7dd63475.jpg

The image above shows the viewer the unfolding of another mystery through the playing of suspense music in the background that makes the viewer feel like something unpredictable is about to happen.



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