Battle of Algiers- Editing

Released in 1967 was Gillo Pontecorvo’s most important film about a new kind of battle that seemed to be the proving ground for emerging strategies in Algeria. Jimmy Breslin declared on TV that the battle of Algiers is a training film for urban guerrillas. The movie proved to be a major hit at the box office and lasted for 14 weeks in Chicago. Even the military and civilian experts were shown the movie in the pentagon.

The plot mostly revolves around the Algerian war that involved women and children being used as weapons of mass destruction. boa2.png

The image above shows how perfectly crafted the scene is right before the 2 men are taken away giving the viewer a sense of sympathy towards the victims of the battle. boa3.jpg

This image makes us regard the challenges of being the victim in a battle against humanity. The uniqueness of this scene is the fact that its transition from the previous scene gave the viewers a sense of inter connectivity with the victim.


The intensity of black and white displayed in this picture carefully portrays the human emotions of strength and courage as the white light depicts relief and valor.

Without editing, it would not have been possible to put forth a carefully constructed movie where every scene is given due importance due to the placement order of its preceding and succeeding scenes.




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